Service Rate
Powder Coating $100/hour
Abrasive Blasting $100/hour
Basic Bodywork Free
Advanced Bodywork $100/hr
Bicycle Frame + Forks $275 + powder & up
Moped Frames $325 + powder & up
Motorcycle Frames $425 + powder & up
General Disassembly

Our "Basic Bodywork" is a free service for any powder coating or abrasive work and is limited to sanding minor pitting and impurities to a smooth finish.

Our "Advanced Bodywork" service involves complex metal altering and filling. Using a variety of metal forming and fabrication tools in conjunction with Alvin's Lab Metal, the only powder coating friendly metal filler, we are able to patch up any defects your item may have. It doesn't matter if it is pitted with rust, dented, or cracked – we'll it fix it up! We specialize in hand application and spray gun application of Alvin's so no need to worry about filling those annoying pinholes in your gas tank. We've got you covered!

For more info on Alvin's Lab Metal check out this link to their website or watch this video!

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